Our Vision

Primary Purpose: We aim to be an emergency fund for families that are faced with the worst possible diagnosis of their child, that the cancer is terminal. In some cases, a terminal diagnosis is received upon the initial diagnosis. In many other cases, children endure months or even years of treatment and are eventually faced with the knowledge that there are no other known treatments that might result in a cure. Often, these cases result in treatments that are given with the sole purpose of extending a child’s life and ultimately may be incorporated into a pediatric palliative or hospice plan. We want to provide families in this situation with money for housing, salary reimbursement, and bills. We hope this will give parents more time to spend at home with their child, sharing those final precious moments together as a family.


Secondary Programs: We recognize that families expenses increase dramatically when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Costs for food in the hospital and gas to get to the hospital increase at the same time that many parents have to reduce their hours at work in order to care for their child. We want to provide gift cards for food and gas for families that are truly in need of assistance in these areas.


Events: We are striving to increase our virtual presence and develop our footprint in the community. To help in these areas, we will hold an annual Catching Kindness Holiday Toy Drive. We will continue to receive packages to our mailing address and will be soliciting community business partners for their assistance. We will also look to do t-shirt drives and build additional events as our organization grows.