In May 2012, our sweet little boy, Nick Zadak, was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic liver cancer. It was a devastating time for us, but we forced ourselves to have hope and continue to bring joy, happiness, and many laughs to his life. Our journey was filled with many ups and downs. Many days of good news and small celebrations. A tumor had shrunk; the level of cancer in his blood work had gone down after a round of chemotherapy; a new medicine was available that might help him. These small victories helped us to keep pushing forward. While many kids continue to achieve these benchmarks in their treatment and eventually their cancer is eliminated, that is not the case for every child diagnosed. Unfortunately, many children do not make it to the day when they are declared “cured.” In fact, 3,468 children passed away in 2016 from cancer. Nick would eventually pass away on February 23, 2017. He was such a brave little boy and fought his hardest. Ultimately, he was victorious in his fight against cancer, laughing, smiling, and bringing joy to those around him until his final hours.

We realized that we were fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with Nick once his cancer was diagnosed as terminal. We hope to provide this time to families that might be struggling to financially make ends meet while caring for their child. Our organization is brand new and we have lofty goals, but we know that just by reading this you have already helped to increase the awareness of those families that have to face the worst time a parent will ever have to face. Thank you for your support!